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4 Procedures That Can Be Done By Your Cosmetic Dentist






















Your smile is one of the first things that new acquaintances will notice. You can effortlessly project good health and confidence by having good set of teeth and pearly whites. For those who have some defects as well as imperfections in their smile, it is keeping them from getting self-assurance. There are many different procedures that cosmetic dentist can do for you to which could help you get beautiful smile that would make you proud if you are not happy with the condition of your teeth and smile.


In the following paragraphs, I have listed procedures that are done commonly by professional cosmetic dentist to bring out real beauty behind your smile.


Number 1. Tooth whitening - with the consumption of different foods and beverages, your teeth will have brownish or yellow stain as time goes by. When such thing happens, tooth whitening procedure could help in restoring the shine to your smile. Haymarket dentist is going to apply peroxide-based bleaching agent to your teeth throughout the procedure. Depending on the level of your discoloration, you can achieve outstanding results after 1 or 2 visits.


However, keep in mind that tooth whitening haymarket dental procedures isn't a substitute for tooth cleaning as still, you have to regularly floss and brush your teeth.


Number 2. Veneers and bonding - in case that your teeth are misshapen with chips, cracks or extra spaces, then the best possible option you can get are bonding and veneers in an effort to fill in the cracks or reshape your tooth. The substance will be hardened under intense lighting but in veneers on the other hand, these are thin overlays that are normally made out of plastic or porcelain. This would be cemented over your teeth in an effort to give it uniformity in color and shape.


Number 3. Invisible braces - invisible braces can help in straightening your smile if you have crooked teeth and installing metal braces do not sound appealing to you. These custom-made and clear aligners are specifically shaped to suit your mouth and your cosmetic dentist is going to reshape them within 2 weeks time to move teeth to proper alignment gradually. Not like braces, invisible braces could be removed when you're eating or brushing.


Number 4. Dental implants - it can make you feel hesitant to show your teeth when you have missing tooth, which makes frustrating source of embarrassment. For those who have missing tooth, dental implants are great option as it is long term and natural looking solution. The dentist is going to fuse titanium screw straight to the jawbone in this procedure. Then after, a crown will be attached to abutment to be able to replace your missing tooth and fix your problem.